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July 3, 2004 by wjzhu
I can't belive it. When I google "JoeUser", my site is the top user site, right after the JoeUser homepage, despite the lack of articles on my site. This is an attempt to sort out the reason for this, and an apology to the JoeUser community for the injustice done to so many great bloggers at JoeUser.

About half a year ago I test out many blogging tools and provider sites in order to decide what is the best system to catch all my mind-dumps. I had great admiration for JoeUser a...
January 30, 2004 by wjzhu
While Slashdot has been the primary techie community which also allows a degree of blogging and forum, it is not user friendly as JU in terms of allowing my family to see my blog. The voting system is more controlable at JU. So overall, if JU will focus on certain topics, it will be a much user-friendly version of slashdot.
January 30, 2004 by wjzhu
While other blogging sites offer only blogging, JU allows the additional feature of community discussion/forum.
I will see if this is indeed superior.